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: an enclosed structure in which heat is produced (as for heating a house or for reducing ore)

: a cardboard, plastic, or metal marker used for identification or classification
: to provide with a name or epithet : LABEL, BRAND


The information presented here are mostly images, pictures of tags (labels, emblems, badges, logos, nameplates) I had removed from furnaces that I've replaced through the years. They’re unique in many aspects and are a representation of the old days, now-a-days companies for the most part use a sticker to identify branding.

I’m not sure what got me started with the idea of removing these tags or even which one I saved first. They looked so cool and seemed to have displayed a bit of pride in workmanship. Some, on the really old coal-burning gravity furnaces, were impossible to remove for they had been forged into the product and in those days we didn't have phones with cameras to snap a quick photo so they’ll remain as memories to those whom are familiar: Boomer comes to mind at the moment.

Vintage advertisements


1964 World's Fair Gas Ad

1946 Shell Oil Ad

1943 Dust-Stop Filter Ad

1944 Dust-Stop Dealer Promo Ad




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Furnace Tag material:
IF it's magnetic then it's listed as steel otherwise it's listed as aluminum regardless of actual material(s) used.